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Civil War And Ant-Man DLC Packs Announced For LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Playstation owners will be glad to hear that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be releasing free DLC packs based on the MCU films Captain America: Civil War and Ant-Man for their LEGO Marvel’s Avengers game. The first DLC, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Character Pack, contains a bunch of character additions for the game including Agent 13, Black Panther, Captain America, Crossbones, Falcon, Iron […]

The Avengers Assemble In New Lego Trailer

The Avengers will assemble once more in their biggest game to date. With the dark elves, Chitauri, Loki and Ultron to take down, it looks like our heroes will have their hands full! LEGO Marvel’s Avengers features eight open world environments waiting to be explored and saved: New York City, Asgard, Barton Farm, Malibu, S.H.I.E.L.D. […]

LEGO-Safe Slippers Are Now a Thing

Finally, the one thing you’ve always needed in your life has been invented! Unfortunately, like many great things, it is quite limited in quantity. I am of course talking about the specially developed LEGO-proof slippers, made so you can walk around without the mortifying fear of stepping on a sly little brick and experiencing some […]

Netflix Plans To Create Two New Lego TV Shows

With the recent explosion of Lego based media as of late, and with the massive success of The Lego Movie last year, it’s a no brainer that original TV shows would be in development. This news comes to us from Netflix’s official Twitter earlier today, as it would seem that everyone’s favourite streaming service has decided […]

Custom Hulkbuster Submitted to LEGO Ideas

Although LEGO has an official  Hulkbuster figure for Avengers: Age of Ultron, it has to be said it is not nearly as awesome as this custom-made Hulkbuster concept by  Raymond Chow. Raymond Chow has submitted his concept to Lego Ideas where should it get 10,000 votes behind it, LEGO will consider putting it into production. Although […]