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Declan, Editor-in-Chief

10176125_10203690796657575_3958227823315467124_nAfter a short lived career in the world of television, I decided it was time to do something I loved and combining my two biggest passions; writing and gaming, I emotionally blackmailed Rebekah into being my partner and together we built the Arcade.

I’ve been playing video games since I could hold a controller and mash on a keyboard and long since my days as a toddler gamer, I’ve grown into a full fledged gamer with a passion for beat’em ups, roleplaying and anything that allows me to rub my uber skills into a noob’s face!

When I’m not pretending to be busy playing video games and writing stuff for the Arcade, I can be found trying to fit in with all the cool kids, face planted against a television weeping at the latest episode of one of my many favourite television programmes or begging my cat to like me!

 Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2, Wolfenstein, Settlers of Catan
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy IX
Gaming Idol: Chun Li
Worst Habit: I throw stuff when I lose!


Rebekah, Webmaster

rugby avIn a nutshell, I’m a freelance website designer who’s crazy about gaming, sports, and anything that allows my vicious competitive streak to take over in a vaguely acceptable context. When Declan approached me with the idea of creating the Arcade I jumped at the chance to be involved in such a fantastic project. The incriminating photographs he has of me also played a minor part in my decision.

FPS and strategy games are my typical choices, there’s nothing quite like getting drunk on power over tiny electronic people. When I’m not coding, gaming or shouting at the people on TV, I’m usually either playing some kind of sport or volunteering.