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Original Cast To Return For Zombieland 2

You read that right; the original cast are all returning for Zombieland 2.  Director Ruben Fleischer spoke to Fandango and confirmed the entire main cast will be returning. He also revealed that Zombieland 2 will begin filming in Georgia, January 2019. Speaking to Fandango, he said, “I’m thrilled. We’re already actually starting Zombieland. I’ve been scouting and […]

Marvel’s Starforce Unveiled

With the recent release of first look images from Captain Marvel we also got a look at Marvel’s Starforce. The Kree military force will be recognisable to most fans of the comics. As part of : Galatic Storm event, Starforce is created by the Kree Supreme Intelligence during the Kree/Shi’ar Intergalactic war. The force contains Kree’s greatest of their […]