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Hugh Jackman Finally Wears Classic Wolverine Costume

Hugh Jackman Finally Wears Classic Wolverine Costume


First cast in the 2000 adaptation of X-Men, Hugh Jackman has returned to the role of Wolverine for the upcoming Deadpool 3. Jackman ended the characters arc back in 2017’s Logan, but fans were elated when Ryan Reynolds announced the return of Jackman for Deadpool 3. Speculation on what version of Wolverine Jackman would play then began.

We have the first look for at least one version of the character, as he shown wearing an iconic yellow and blue number. First revealed by Jackman & Reynold’s Instagram stories, a hi-res version of the duo was released on official channels

Via Deadpool Twitter/Marvel Studios

While there is no mask and some coverage of arms, it is akin the the 90’s animated series and far from the original 2000’s black movie costume. Additional set photos and videos have appeared online with Jackman in action against Reynold’s Deadpool, and he certainly is back in top shape for the role. 

Other details are also being thrown around regarding possible cameos and plotlines, but we won’t cover them here just yet. It is safe to say that Deadpool 2’s ending of time-hopping shenanigans will play a part in this movie. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Spider-Verse have already showcased the multi-verse potential for Deadpool. With the buyout of Fox by Disney, expect to see spoofing, satire and even celebration of the Fox universe era X-Men brand, while bringing in elements of Marvel’s MCU. The merging of these brands, combined with the fourth wall breaking nature of Deadpool, is certainly set for hilarious outcomes.

Deadpool 3 is currently being filmed in England, with additional footage set to film in Vancouver. Shawn Levy is in the director’s chair, making this the third time of teaming up with Reynolds, as he directed Free Guy & The Adam Project. Deadpool 3 is slated for a May 3rd, 2024 release.