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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) – Otaku Review

‘Strike a pose there’s nothing to it’, says the iconic words of Madonna, and they aren’t more relevant than today. Dear reader, let me take you on a trip, no, an adventure, a bizarre adventure into a world of buff men, superpowers and above all else, poses. Ladies and gentlemen, today on Otaku Review, we […]

‘Can’t (Get U Outta My Mind)’ – Mall Grab – Track of the Day

Well it looks like December is well and truly at our doors, meaning the time of bad Christmas music, stressful shopping and exams are upon us. Before Track of the Day is completely taken over by festive tunes, Id like this chance to bring down the stress of this period with some chill house. Put […]

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Boss Rush

Hype for the Nintendo Switch has finally died down a little recently, and while I am still pretty skeptical of the device, I can at least agree that the thing will definitely do well at release. I can sum up the reason for this success in four words, new Zelda at release. While the Wii’s release wasn’t […]

Shelter Is One Of 2016’s Best Stories – Opinion

I have always considered myself a fan of anime. While I say this, I find it very hard to get emotionally connected to a lot of what the medium has to offer. The routine slog through a seasonal anime chart can leave you burnt out. Desperate for anything that feels new and original. Sure every season you can find […]

‘Pumpkin Hill’ – Sonic Adventure 2 – Track of the Day

Halloween is just around the corner, and here at the Arcade we have been filling your days with spooky tunes all week. So as the true hipster millennial piece of crap on this site, I have to take it upon myself to talk about memes. I mean Sonic music. I mean memes, as today we will […]

Cuphead Developers Announce Release Date Delayed

Remember Cuphead? That 1930s animated style 2D platformer that kept being shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conferences. Originally planned to release later this year, developer Studio MDHR has come out and announced a delay, pushing the game back to mid 2017. The news came from the Studio’s blog post, stating “we made the difficult decision […]

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger – Forgotten Childhood

2002 was an odd time to be alive. A year where Matt Damon voiced a horse, The Queen Mother died and people thought it was still a good idea for Eminem to continue making music. Considering I was about 8 at the time, I don’t really remember much of the year itself, but one thing […]

Fossil Echo Review

There was a time in my life where all you had to do was say “beautiful platformer with a cute main character” and I would drop everything to buy it. Today it takes a lot more than just a pretty face to keep my interest, and nothing made me realize this more than Fossil Echo. Puzzle platformers […]

‘Jason’s Song (Gave It Away)’ – Ariana Grande – Track of the Day

It’s Monday, Autumn is in full kick and you probably already want the week to end. For today’s track of the day, I thought I would bring the mood up a little with Ariana Grande performing ‘Jason’s Song (Gave it Away)’ on The Tonight Show. Ariana Grande has always been a guilty pleasure for me, as her music […]

Great Ace Attorney 2 announced at TGS

Hot off the heels of last months release of Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney – Spirit of Justice, Capcom has announced the latest title in the long running Ace Attorney franchise with Great Ace Attorney 2. The game will serve as a direct sequel to the Japan only Great Ace Attorney: The Adventure of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō for […]