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Pan-Pan Review

As I found myself running around stealing eggs from an angry duck to a Benny Hill theme in the first hour of Pan-Pan, I knew I had struck gold. Going mostly under a lot of peoples radar, Pan-Pan is a lovingly crafted puzzle exploration game that uses pastel low poly art to tell a simple […]

Undertale – Boss Rush

These days, the overnight success of Undertale seems like nothing, as this year both Overwatch and Pokemon Go have taken the world by storm two times over. Undertale was my game of the year in 2015, and I wasn’t alone, as the game’s popularity spread like wildfire throughout the Internet, spawning many discussions on the simplistic yet dark […]

Old Favourites Join Street Fighter V With Update

With Capcom failing to fulfil their one character a month DLC plan last month, fans of the game were left disappointed not being able to play as Ibuki in May. Capcom are making up to the fans however, as both Ibuki and Balrog will be available for purchase in the upcoming story update, which drops July […]

New Berserk Musou Game Announced

Fans of Koi Tecmo’s long running Musou hack and slash style gameplay have been in luck lately, with the series spanning out from its usual Dynasty Warriors titles. The studio has recently been giving the Musou treatment to big names like The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest, but the latest spin off in the series […]

Fragments Of Him – Review – Clicking Memories

The games industry often surprises me with the stories it can tell, with the influx of diverse developers, games have evolved drastically in the last few years in terms of the tone and themes they can discuss. Today we have a new style of short narratives focused adventures that deal with topics like fame(The Beginner’s […]

Ciaran’s Top 5 Best Boys of May 2016

You know, sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and admit that you are so creatively bankrupt that some good-natured pandering is in order. Yep, this is pretty much a list made just for me, but if you can gleam something interesting from my demented obsession with fictional boys then more power to you. The concept […]

Dragon Quest Builders Gets A Western Release Window

Fans of the long running Dragon Quest franchise have been very happy as of late, with Dragon Quest 11 and Heroes 2 in development along with the 3DS remakes of VII and VIII coming soon, there has never been a better time to be into the series. Another title, Dragon Quest Builders, released in Japan […]

No Man’s Sky Delayed By A Few Weeks

One of the most talked about games in recent memory would have to be the colossal sci-fi open world that is No Man’s Sky. It has been at every E3 press conference for the past few years, has had multiple “controversies” over its price tag and generally either people over hyping the hell of it […]

Overwatch Character Profile: Winston

When Overwatch was originally announced, two characters seemed to take the lead in terms of character popularity polls, one was Tracer, and the other was the ever lovable giant gorilla, Winston. As soon as I saw that dumb adorable giant floof ball I knew I had to play Overwatch, and luckily he ended up being […]

System Shock Remastered Comes To Kickstarter

Fans of the cult classic System Shock franchise will be happy to hear that System Shock Remastered is being funded through Kickstarter. Developers Night Dive Studios announced the funding project on their Facebook, which will launch on June 29. As a franchise, many people remember System Shock 2 a lot more fondly than the original, which has […]