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Ciaran’s Top 5 Best Boys of May 2016

Ciaran’s Top 5 Best Boys of May 2016


You know, sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and admit that you are so creatively bankrupt that some good-natured pandering is in order. Yep, this is pretty much a list made just for me, but if you can gleam something interesting from my demented obsession with fictional boys then more power to you.

The concept of ‘best girl’ is something many anime or game fans should be familiar with at this point, usually the result of various waifu wares from harem animes. However it is rare to see a list of male characters from a female or gay viewpoint, so I thought I would throw my hat in the ring and list some of my favourite male characters from the last month. Usual rules apply, one husbando per game or show, and I am counting dudes from the current anime season even though they started in April. Now without delay, lets get on to the cuties.

5. ΑΩ Nova – Space Patrol Luluco


Starting this shame free celebration of 2 dimensional boys off strong, spot number 5 goes to the celestial pretty boy, ΑΩ Nova from Space Patrol Luluco. First of all, if you haven’t watched Luluco yet, what are you actually doing with your life, and second, my god do I love the character designs in this show. Being my favourite thing that Studio Trigger has created so far, Nova stands out as a great character to me for just how simple he is, and how he contrasts the wacky crew around him. Smooth, suave and sweet, Nova is portrayed as the ideal love interest for the shows titular character, Luluco. He can transform into ‘Judgement Gun Morphing’ mode perfectly, is always calm and collected and brings some of the most sincere and meaningful lines I have seen Trigger produce. That isn’t to discredit the great use of Nova as a contrast to the ridiculous situations the cast find themselves in, such as when a life fiber from Kill la kill uses his likeness to trick Luluco, also did I mention this show just crash lands into Kill la kill at one point?

Bottom line, Space Patrol Luluco is too pure for this earth and Nova is a cutie.

4. Natsu – Kuma Miko


In contrast to our previous boy, Natsu is by far the best part of Kuma Miko, in fact maybe the only good part. Kuma Miko is an anime currently airing about a big dumb cute bear and a little shrine maiden girl living together in a cosy little small Japanese town, where they get up to adorable and wacky adventures. On paper this show sounds like a cute little slice of life about a girl and a bear, but sadly the show ends up being ruined with a creepy fascination on the girl’s underwear, tight clothes and a not welcome barrage of sexual jokes at her expense. The saving grace however is the big fluff ball known as Natsu, who is by far the best cast member, and probably the only reason I am still watching. He and the shrine maiden grew up together and became close friends, supporting each other when they get sick or simply need a hug. Also, during the ED of Kuma Miko, Natsu not only acts as a chair, but can also fly. What more could you really want from a friend for life?

Natsu is a caring, sweet and pure fluff ball that just wants to sit around and drink tea with his best friend, and he deserves better than the low brow, straight up creepy undertones of this show.

3. Tenga –  Kiznaiver


Let me start off by saying that I have really disliked Kiznaiver so far. Being the weakest of the two shows Trigger is currently airing, Kiznaiver is desperately trying to pull off a persona/death game style story, but fails due to a horrible set up, poor explanation of basic plot elements and a generally uninteresting cast. The exception of this dull as dishwater cast is Tenga, the best character in the show and a contender for my favourite Trigger character so far. Tenga’s design is actually flawless, it is so god damn dope that every moment he is on screen he is wearing an outfit that is at least an 8. Whoever designs Tenga’s shirts needs to make their own brand line, I would buy them in a heart beat. I also appreciate how he is clearly a pretty big reference to Toppa Tengan Gurren Lagan, from his name to his design and personality being inspired by Kamina.

Tenga is a wonderful, colourful and memorable character in a cast of bland nobodies, and deserves to be in a better show.

2. Detective Dick Gumshoe – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Some would call this cheating, but with the recent anime adaptation of the first Phoenix Wright game, I got to see more of a long running contender for my best boy of all time, Dick Gumshoe. Gumshoe’s role in the anime is pretty much exactly what he was in the original game, being the big lovable goofball detective in most cases that Phoenix takes. Do I even need to explain why he is top tier husbando? Just look at that face. He is a gruff gentle giant who only wants the people around him to be happy, many times even helping people on the opposite side of the case because he is just that nice of a guy. Also quick piece of trivia for you, the confetti thrown at the end of every court case is actually made and thrown by Gumshoe, showing how much of a dumb cutie he is.

While there isn’t really much of a change to Gumshoe in the anime from his appearance in the game, I am still glad to just see his adorable face again. This guy is probably a big reason for why I have a thing for gentle giants, which explains my number one choice for this month.

1. Winston – Overwatch

recall 2

Did you seriously expect anyone else? I mean I have already written up a whole piece about why Winston is the best character in Overwatch, but there I didn’t really delve into why he is top tier husbando material. First of all, hes got the tortured backstory, where he lost the man he called a father and everything he ever knew to the violence of his fellow gorillas. Then there is baby Winston, who is so much of a precious little floof he may cause diabetes at any time due to how sweet he is. The main reason why I like Winston so much is how positive of a character he is. Winston sees humanity from a purely non ironic or cynical viewpoint, he legitimately loves his teamates and wants to make the world a better place, and believes he can with the help of the Overwatch agents. Also he has a safari explorer skin that gives him a little mustache and it is too pure for this earth.

Winston, also known as Kelsey Slammer, is without a doubt my favourite boy of may, and possibly my favourite new character of 2016 so far.