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Lucasfilm Still “Looking At” Live Action Star Wars TV Series And 1313

Back in a pre-Disney Star Wars universe there was talk of the mythical Star Wars Live Action TV Show finally beginning production. With the maker himself George Lucas at the helm of the series it seemed to be a daring new frontier for Star Wars to expand into. The show, Star Wars: Underworld, was rumoured […]

Gallery: Star Wars Characters As Ancient Greek Statues

The thundering hype train of Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ incoming release has inspired a tidal wave of fan ingenuity and creativity ranging from Millenium Falcon drones to your favourite Star Wars characters being reimagined as if they were sculpted from marble by the old masters of the renaissance.  That last one is pretty out […]

Review: Star Wars Battlefront

The return of the much loved Star Wars Battlefront series to our screens has been long awaited. Much like the upcoming film there was an air of excitement and cautious optimism surrounding the release. With DICE’s early behind the scenes videos and teasers throughout the year, I was ready to take off into what I […]

Review: Telltale’s Game of Thrones, Ep. 6 – The Ice Dragon

Coming to journey’s end is never easy, especially after such a long one through the despairing toils of House Forrester. Would it all be worth it? With so many plotlines still unresolved and the fate of an entire house resting on the shoulders of it’s children, would Telltale be able to tie it together and […]

RePlay: Star Wars Battlefront Series

If you counted yourself among the nine million players of DICE’s Battlefront Beta last month, you’re probably more than familiar with the original series of games from two gaming generations past. The idea behind these Replay pieces is to let readers know what it is we writers love and why time hasn’t tarnished them. Lucasarts’ […]

Forgotten Childhood: Star Wars: Clone Wars

There are few things that are synonymous with childhood like Star Wars is. It shouldn’t have been all that surprising for my parents that one November morning back in 2003 both my sisters and I ended up pretty late for school because I had to see the first episode of the new Star Wars: Clone […]

Review: Star Wars Battlefront Beta

If you’re an owner of a PS4, Xbox One or a half decent PC like myself then you may have noticed that Stormtrooper helmet icon lingering on the Playstation Store/Xbox Live Marketplace/Origin. Landing for just a weekend and extended by a day for the players, DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront has made quite the impression on […]

Gallery: Five Nights At Freddy’s Goes Disney

We’re all more than familiar with the point and click horror quadrilogy from Scott Cawthon. I’ve spent my fair share of time screaming at those damn animatronics  and may have dropped my laptop halfway across the room once. or twice. I’m awful with horror games but I can’t get enough of those weird, freaky animals […]

The Star Wars You’re Looking For: Television

Star Wars left a distinctive stamp on cinema that changed the way summer blockbusters were treated, the amount of merchandise you can get off the back of a film and inspired a love for space in several generations. Star Wars stands on its own perfectly well as two trilogies, but there’s a lot of space […]

Fallout Shelter Releases On Android & With Huge Update On iPhone

The delightful Fallout Shelter App from Bethesda has caught up to Android and is available to download right now! The App is completely free and has a minimal amount of micro-transactions which couldn’t be easier to ignore, which is exactly what we like to hear. As well as this, the iPhone app has come with […]