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Gallery: Star Wars Characters As Ancient Greek Statues


The thundering hype train of Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ incoming release has inspired a tidal wave of fan ingenuity and creativity ranging from Millenium Falcon drones to your favourite Star Wars characters being reimagined as if they were sculpted from marble by the old masters of the renaissance.  That last one is pretty out there even by Star Wars standards, but artist Travis Durden did exactly that, making some very specific dreams of a shirtless Boba Fett a reality for some fans.

Through digital technology he rendered the heads of well known characters like Yoda and Kylo Ren and worked them onto the bodies of sculptures from the Louvre. They’re astounding lifelike and if I hadn’t know they were done digitally I’d almost believe he took the few hundred hours to carve out Vader with long curling locks descending from his helmet.

These images are the latest in a series by the french artist where he merges the idea of mythological beings being half human and half animal with his love of a galaxy far,far away. Travis Durden is a french artist works under a pseudonym derived from two of his favourite cult films. His impressive work can be viewed here and these pieces along with the rest of his exhibition “Counter Attack”  are on display in Galarie Sakura in Paris. Prints can be found and purchased here!