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Critical Role Fan Art

Since I seem to be going through a heavy Critical Role phase, here is my second post about the weekly Twitch stream, following a group of voice actors on their weekly Dungeons and Dragons quests. My favourite thing about getting obsessed with a TV show or video game is the fan art that comes from it. It […]

Frank Frazetta – Gallery

Frank Frazetta may be one of the most influential figures in nerd culture, and most people don’t even know his name. The progenitor of an entire style of fantasy art, when you think of images accompanying classic genre fiction you’re thinking of Frank Frazetta. From Conan the Barbarian to John Carter of Mars, Frazetta brought these early […]

Video Game Cosplays – Gallery

With GamerCon right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of my favourite video game cosplays! Video game cosplay, for me at least, can be some of the hardest to replicate. Take for example; Borderlands, it’s awfully hard to make yourself look like a cel shaded character […]

The Kevin Smith Collection; James Wynne

Director Kevin Smith has sang the praises of Irish artist James Wynne  recently. After directing his first episode of The Flash, Wynne created a piece of artwork that caught Smith’s eye and since then, has created special prints for each of Smith’s DC episodes. You can see Smith talking about the first print around the 8.40 mark […]

Star Wars The Greek Tragedy In Marble

Star Wars is basically a modern day Greek Tragedy! I don’t think the Ancient Greeks would have included Jar-Jar Binks though! Unless it was to sacrifice him! Travis Durden, a Parisian artist, has taken this idea of Star Wars and the Ancient Greeks to a different level. The artist has combined modern pop culture with […]

The Art Of Greg Tocchini

Put it to the record, Greg Tocchini is a master of his craft! A couple of months ago I picked up a random copy of Low a post-apocalyptic story of an Earth on the brink of total destruction. Written by Rick Remender (another master), the series features absolutely mesmerising work from Tocchini as captures the depth of […]

Rogue One – A Star Wars Gallery

Rogue One, the highly anticipated prequel to all of the Star Wars movies, is set for release in Ireland on December 15. Needless to say, we at The Arcade are very giddy at the prospect of seeing another movie set in the beloved world of Star Wars so soon after The Force Awakens. We’ve put together […]