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Inauguration Day – A Bad Lip Reading

Lately, a lot of us are convinced we’ve split a breach between dimensions and have landed in an alternate reality, because that seems to be the only logical explanation as to what’s happening with the world right now. Amongst all the chaos and mind-numbing hatred-filled stupidity, the heroes over at Bad Lip Reading have given us […]

Luigi Board?! – Viral Video

From the brilliant mind that brought us “how is prangent formed“, a video that was being heavily shared on Facebook these past few weeks, where the author of the video simply read out loud questions posed on the internet, here’s another glimpse into the wonderful world of Yahoo! Answers with J.T. Sexkik. This time, the […]

Baby Pandas World Debut

Last week, the world was greeted with some fluffy baby pandas over in China and the internet collectively lost its mind. A Chinese panda breeding center had almost double the usual amount of births and they decided to show off their fuzzy newcomers in style. And by in style I mean in a giant pile all together. […]

Style Saturday: Octoberween

If you’re the type of person that thinks it’s okay to have Christmas decorations on sale before the end of October then just stop reading and get out of here. Now. I don’t even want you here anymore. Now, if you’re the kind of person who immediately switches to pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING as soon as the […]

Baby Cosplayer Is Better Than Us – Cosplay Gallery

A common parenting suggestion you’ll hear is, “Start your kids young” in regards to interests and hobbies. But some parents, like Laura Izumikawa, really take that advice to heart; baby cosplayer. The lifestyle photographer based out of Southern California regularly dresses her infant girl Joey Marie Choi in elaborate costumes based off of pop culture […]

Style Saturday: Live Long and Beat That Face

Lo and behold, Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary is upon us. Despite Paramount not having done much to celebrate (A trailer-like video? Really? That’s all we get?), we fans know how to celebrate in style (We all can agree that MAC did a much better job at celebrating, or at least cashing in on the celebration, […]

Style Saturday – Just Keep Swimming

Another year has gone by, and we are once again blessed with the wonder that is shark week… Or so I hear! I’ve actually never gotten around to watching one of those thingymabobbers. I’m over here just thinking, “Does watching the trailer for Finding Dory on repeat count?!” because honestly, that’s about as close as […]

Music Monday: Bad B*tch

Lately work’s got me down and I know a lot of people are stuck with finals and school work, but we can’t ever let ourselves forget we’re bad friggin’ b*tches. I’ve been pumping these tunes non-stop to help with the workload (okay, I’ve actually been listening to Rihanna‘s ‘Anti’ album on loop, but I couldn’t just […]

Monsterpalooza 2016 – Review

Once again, fiends and ghouls of all shapes, sizes, and ages were reunited under one roof. Monsterpalooza is back at it with their 8th convention, this time with a new location. Over the years, the convention grew so much they were left with no other option but to relocate. I spoke to some long time […]

Getting Down and Dirty – Cosplay Closet

So your costume is all finished, shiny, and brand new, but there’s only one little problem: it should look like you’ve travelled for years on foot, only resting by camp fires, having to fight off dragons and monsters to make it by in the wilderness. Your armour should be war-torn and your sword dented and scraped. […]