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Style Saturday: Live Long and Beat That Face

Style Saturday: Live Long and Beat That Face


Lo and behold, Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary is upon us. Despite Paramount not having done much to celebrate (A trailer-like video? Really? That’s all we get?), we fans know how to celebrate in style (We all can agree that MAC did a much better job at celebrating, or at least cashing in on the celebration, than Paramount did). What’s more stylish than a painted face beat to where no man has gone before (or the heavens, your pick)?



The Starfleet Insignia, Starfleet Delta, The Delta, Arrowhead, or however else you want to call it, is without a doubt one of the most recognisable symbols of our time. Geeks and “casuals” alike would be able to pick it out of a line up… or whatever you do to symbols? So why not wear it with pride in any way you can? For this look I also chose to go with one of pop culture’s most iconic eyebrows, most commonly known as “Spock brows”. To achieve this look without having to shave half your brows off, you can block them out by using either spirit gum and FX wax, or by using layers of pros aide (my favourite method). The pros aide is thin enough for you to build up and not have it look super bulky in the end, but is also super strong and will make your brow hairs really stick to your skin and be flattened out.

For the super graphic liner, it’s best to use a liquid liner, so you can get super sharp and crisp lines. Just be careful not to smudge it while it’s wet. Resist the temptation of opening your eye to see what it looks like, even though that realistically wouldn’t help you one bit, and keep it shut while it’s wet, otherwise you’ll regret it later. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



According to the Memory Alpha Wikia, “Jaylah’s make-up was designed by make-up designer and make-up effects supervisor Joel Harlow in collaboration with a team led by Neville Page. The group aimed to make the character’s make-up “instantly iconic,” which Harlow felt was most important, as well as “instantly recognisable.” and that it is. If you’re at all into makeup and at all a bit of a nerd, I’m certain your friends must have asked you “Hey did you see that chick with the white skin and black makeup in the new Star Trek?” at some point after the movie was released.

While this Jaylah inspired eye I created is a very muted version of her look, it is still quite bold and could probably be reduced even further into a stylish liner that could be worn easily on a night out. While she has no eyebrows, just some interestingly shaped arches above her eyes, you don’t need to go shaving yours off, but instead can apply copious amounts of concealer on them to lighten them up till they’re barely noticeable (a trend started many years ago in some Fashion Week or another). Use a spoolie and go against the hairs to really work that concealer in there close to the roots, and be sure to powder them well so the concealer doesn’t just slip right off.