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‘New Rules’ – Dua Lipa – Track Of The Day

Happy Tuesday folks, and welcome back to another Track Of The Day! Today we’ve got the addictively catchy new track from Dua Lipa : ‘New Rules’ a song that depicts the struggles of getting over someone you really like by abiding by a series of rules. Don’t pick up the phone You know he’s only calling […]

“Disney Love Medley” – Voctave – Track Of The Day

There is absolutely no question, that Disney has had some amazing hits over the last few decades. Thats where American a capella group Voctave come in, and set themselves the challenge of compiling some of the very best into a Medley, which is a spinetingling hit! Check out their incredible a capella masterpiece below For […]

America #1 – Review

Marvel’s sarcastic superstar has landed her very own solo series, and today we’re taking a look at how America #1 stands up to the competition. From the creative team of Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones, comes a fresh new take on a character that has been gradually introduced over the past few years. With her […]

‘I Want It That Way’ – Backstreet Boys – Track Of The Day

For today’s track of the day we’re jumping back to 1999, when Backstreet Boys released their hit single ‘I want it that way’. Featured on their third album Millenium, it became one of the fastest selling album ever at that time. Despite the lyrics not making much sense, the song is often top of the nostalgia […]

Top 5 Pokémon We Need In Real Life

As most people are aware,  the Pokémon world is inhabited by humans and Pokémon, living side by side in harmony. These Pokémon come in various different shapes, sizes and each possesses their own uniques skills and attributes. So in this Top 5 list, we’re going to have a look at some Pokémon that would make […]

Marvel Reveals Cast Of Upcoming Runaways TV Series

When news broke that HULU would be developing a Runaways series for Marvel, we had no idea if it would be a true adaptation, or just a loosely based ‘inspired by’ series. But now that we have our official castings, it looks like the whole Runaways Squad will be assembling:   Stay tuned for more […]

The Kevin Smith Collection; James Wynne

Director Kevin Smith has sang the praises of Irish artist James Wynne  recently. After directing his first episode of The Flash, Wynne created a piece of artwork that caught Smith’s eye and since then, has created special prints for each of Smith’s DC episodes. You can see Smith talking about the first print around the 8.40 mark […]

‘Closer Remix’ – Chainsmokers – Track Of The Day

As someone that enjoys writing from time to time, I have compiled quite the playlist of songs over the years. Different songs evoke different emotions which I always find helpful when writing certain pieces. ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers was one of the more recent additions to the playlist, and its perky beat helped to keep my fingers […]

5 LGBT Characters We Want To See In The MCU

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of creating a shared universe, is the exciting possibility of exploring new and diverse characters. Whether it’s on ABC, Netflix or on the big screen, the fact that we have movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel  set to diversify the MCU even more over the coming years, wouldn’t it […]

You’re Welcome (Hip-Hop) – Jordan Fisher / Lin Manuel Miranda – Track Of The Day

Moana fever is sweeping the world by storm, and we can’t say we’re too surprised. Jam packed with so many great hits, we’ve got a Lin Manuel Miranda twist for today’s track of the day. The genius behind Broadway’s hottest  musical Hamilton, Miranda‘s influence on the Moana soundtrack is certainly helping the music excel, but […]