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5 LGBT Characters We Want To See In The MCU

5 LGBT Characters We Want To See In The MCU


Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of creating a shared universe, is the exciting possibility of exploring new and diverse characters. Whether it’s on ABC, Netflix or on the big screen, the fact that we have movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel  set to diversify the MCU even more over the coming years, wouldn’t it be awesome to think that maybe one day we could even see an LGBT hero in the spotlight?

Diving through Marvel’s back catalogue I’ve selected some LGBT characters that we may just see on screen in the coming years.

Karolina Dean

Probably one of the most likely characters to appear in the coming years with the announcement of a Runaways series being in development. . An original members of The Runaways, Karolina’s body is a glowing ray of bioluminescent solar energy. With the ability to fly, and manipulate energy, Karolina is  lesbian alien that we would love to see kicking booty in the MCU.


A Skrull prince, Xavin and Karolina’s parents agreed an arranged marriage between the two in order to spare earth from the Skrulls. When Xavin arrived to take Karolina’s hand in marriage, in the hopes of quelling the Skrull – Majesdanian conflict, a fight broke out between Xavin and the runaways. Once tensions had cooled, Xavin changed his form to that of a female in order to appeal to Karolina’s desires. Who knows what studio has the rights to the Skrulls, but in the ideal world, Skrulls in the MCU would make for some pretty epic storylines.

Wiccan & Hulkling

This is a duo that should never be separated. Ever! One of the cutest gay couples in Marvel’s comics to date, Teddy Altman (Hulking) and Billy Kaplan (Wiccan) are definitely role models for a whole new generation of comic lovers across the world. Currently kicking ass with the New Avengers, this duo had their best known run in the pages of Young Avengers, which saw them taking on Alien parasites, and the struggles of answering to the adult Avengers. Billy may need a bit of a backstory rewrite if he is to appear in the MCU, as his mother is the Scarlet Witch, and we may be waiting quite some time for her to have a baby that will grow up to be the majestical Wiccan.

America Chavez

From Young Avengers, to now leading the Ultimates, America Chavez is set to have her very own solo series this year. With the ability to jump through realities and the all important super strength, Chavez is probably one of my favourite characters at the minute. She’s feisty, and she’s definitely not afraid to hit Captain Marvel across the face with a chair. Yep. Nobody outs Chavez in the corner. Chavez is definitely a character we could see teaming up with Captain Marvel at some stage in the MCU.

Union Jack (Brian Falsworth)

One of the first chronological (WWII era) gay characters in Marvel comics, being in a relationship with Roger Aubrey ( The Destroyer). Union Jack is a hero pumped up with an imperfect batch of Super Soldier Serum. Being a World War II hero in the comics, a backstory ret-con could easily bring him into the MCU fold. Falsworth currently appears as a playable character in the mobile game Avengers Academy, and a contemporary version like that would definitely fit nicely into the established MCU.