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Top 5 Pokémon We Need In Real Life

Top 5 Pokémon We Need In Real Life


As most people are aware,  the Pokémon world is inhabited by humans and Pokémon, living side by side in harmony. These Pokémon come in various different shapes, sizes and each possesses their own uniques skills and attributes. So in this Top 5 list, we’re going to have a look at some Pokémon that would make our lives easier in the real world.


The ultimate fire fighter. Blastoise would be an ideal powerhouse for stopping bush fires, battling the fiercest of blazes, or just demolishing dangerous buildings. Even if things get a bit rough, you’d always has its mega form to rely on. Blastoise, we choose you!


Feeling too warm? Don’t worry, Alolan Vulpix’ special ability Snow Warning can cool you right down! Feeling too cold? Don’t worry, regular vulpix’ special ability Drought can warm you right up. Vulpix is the perfect temperature control. Whether you want snow or sunshine, it has you covered.


We’ve all lost our keys before. Some of us, on a daily basis. With a Klefki in your life though, it would be one less problem to worry about. As long as Klefki doesn’t float off and get distracted by shiny door handles, leaving you stranded outside on your doorstep forever and a day.


Another painful inconvenience, phone batteries. They die way too fast! With an Elekid in your life, you’d have the ultimate portable charger. Just stick your phone on its head, and you’re good to go!


Love to travel? Flights too expensive? Not to worry, Salamence has got you covered. Okay, some countries may have super strict border laws, but I mean, who in their right mind would want to argue with a Salamence? Don’t be crazy!

Do you agree with our list? What Pokémon do you wish were real that could help make your life easier? Let us know in the comments…