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The Reality Of Playing Pokémon Go – Gif Essay

Pokémon Go is finally here! If you and I have anything in common while playing, it’s that it’s taking over our lives entirely! Forget the people bitching about it! Forget the server issues, battery issues and the loading times! Pokémon Go is a fantastic experience and those playing it can happily attest to the following: Walking For Hours […]

Gif Essay: It’s A Catastrophe

It seems cats have become quite popular in terms of modern day pets. They’re fairly independent critters who’ll happily lounge about on their own and they generally don’t need to be walked the way you would a dog. However, if you look after one you’ll also generally know that for all the fuzzy companionship cats […]

Gif Essay – Mo Money Mo Problems

So payday is just around the corner! Whether you’re paid at the end of the month, fortnightly or one of those rare mythical weekly payday people! The time to reflect on your finances as your bank balance returns to normal. Payday is sacred! Payday is life! Oh look sh*t I don’t need but suddenly am […]

Gif Essay: I Feel Old At 22

No matter how much we try to run from it, age catches up to all of us. Some of us accept it gracefully, while others will inject everything from coconut oil to snail slime directly into our veins in order to stave it off. My method up until recently has been to ignore the ticking […]

Gif Essay: The Stages Of Summer 

With summer upon us, there are plenty of things to look forward to. Conventions, catching up with friends and doing absolutely nothing. But for a majority of us summer, doesn’t always go to plan. In fact, each and every summer there is a trend of not doing things you swore you were going to do, from […]

Gif Essay – Overwatch… Overemotional

For the last 72 hours I’ve pretty much done nothing but shove food in my face and smash the controller as I dive into yet ANOTHER match of Overwatch. If you’re like me chances are you’ve been on a gaming marathon bender and all those games are starting to blur into one, in a weird hazy way. […]

Gif Essay: Overwatch Release

I’ll tell you what I’m looking at, Tracer! I’m busy looking for some epic Overwatch content to celebrate the games release today. What’s that? No, I’m not looking for the Blizzard cinematics, though they are pretty cool: https://giant.gfycat.com/PlumpIdioticKoalabear.webm Nah, I’m looking at player made content, specifically the communities favourite ‘Play of The Game’s (POTG). After […]