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The Reality Of Playing Pokémon Go – Gif Essay

The Reality Of Playing Pokémon Go – Gif Essay


Pokémon Go is finally here! If you and I have anything in common while playing, it’s that it’s taking over our lives entirely! Forget the people bitching about it! Forget the server issues, battery issues and the loading times! Pokémon Go is a fantastic experience and those playing it can happily attest to the following:

Walking For Hours


You leave the house at 7pm only to find it’s now 10 and you’ve to trek all the way home!

…Means Finding New Places

Finding New Places

Who knew there were so many cool things near your own house?!

…But Also Getting Lost Sometimes


Just walk backwards, that’s how I always find my way home!

…Oh And Sore Legs!

Sore Legs

Oh don’t you worry! All of this will be worth it in the end! Maybe! Oh look another Rattata

Meeting New People

New Friends

You’re striking up conversations with total strangers… anxiety bubble? What anxiety bubble?

…And Fighting Complete Strangers


Oh it is on! The local gyms will be yours, one way or another!

Being A Pokémon Go Trainer


As kids most of us probably made that wish to be a real Pokémon Trainer/Master/Team Rocket Grunt at one time or another. To leave home and go in search of Pokémon and have adventures! Well we’re doing that right now! You and I are Pokémon trainers!