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Pokemon Go Community Event For September

Details for the next community event for Pokemon Go are available. Niantic Inc. have released details of the next event which will take place on September 22. The community event will take place all around the world on the same day from set times. Details so far include the availability of grass type Pokemon, Chikorita. […]

The Game Awards 2016 Winners And News

The Game Awards 2016 had its third award ceremony and was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, while it was streamed across the world via it’s website. Spearheaded by Geoff Keighley and the game industry itself, it was packed with World Premieres, live music and of course, awards for talents of the gaming industry. The Awards […]

Pokémon Go Plus Is Almost Here

Pokémon Go took over the world in a few days. And also brought with it no small amount of unusual headlines. People storming Central Park for Vaporeon. Crashing into cops. The game drove people crazy in unusual ways.Though it does force people to walk around beautiful areas with eyes cast down. So Nintendo demonstrated it’s […]

Opinion: Pokémon Go is Doomed!

It’s no secret how popular Niantic’s latest AR mobile game Pokémon Go has been. In all likelihood, you’ve played it, or at least heard of it. Not only has the game been causing headlines due to unfortunate incidents and spawn locations, but for nearly causing a social revolution. For the first time in years, gamers have […]

Catch Pokémon With A Homemade Poké Ball Catcher

Youtuber Joerg Sprave, from the channel: The Slingshot Channel has changed Pokémon GO forever. Sprave, who hasn’t really gotten the hang of the new popular app, has put his own twist on catching Pokémon in real life. Sprave built a large slingshot, aptly named the Pikachu Hunter 1400 to catch Pokémon. The entertaining video shows you how to catch Pokémon […]

Pokémon Go Update Removes Tracking

Niantic’s latest update to Pokémon GO has brought one major change we didn’t expect – the removal of tracking. Before the update, tracking allowed you to determine what direction and proximity certain Pokémon in your area were at. You may remember when the app launched here in Ireland tracking itself was busted, looking like this: […]