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Pokemon Go Community Event For September

Pokemon Go Community Event For September


Details for the next community event for Pokemon Go are available. Niantic Inc. have released details of the next event which will take place on September 22. The community event will take place all around the world on the same day from set times.

Details so far include the availability of grass type Pokemon, Chikorita. The leaf Pokemon first appeared in Pokemon Gold/Silver on the Gameboy Colour. There will be an increased chance of finding Chikorita on the day. In addition to the increased chance of catching the Pokemon, they will also be able to learn a new move. However details for what the special move have not been released as of writing.

On top the Chikorita news, Niantic confirmed a few additional details. Catching Pokemon will lead to triple experience earned and lures are going to last for three hours on the day.

As with other community events this is a limited time event. European Pokemon Go players can get in on the community spirit from 10 AM – 1 PM UTC.

For more information, check out the official Pokemon Go website right here!

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