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5 Worst Uses Of Celebrities In Video Games

It’s always great when multi-million dollar companies try to shoehorn in Hollywood’s finest to promote or feature in their products. Historically, celebrities have had a tumultuous relationship with marketing video games due to lack of interest or media training, but it’s always fun to see them have a stab at acting as though they care. The Rock – […]

Nintendo Announce End Of Wii-U Production

Nintendo of Japan have updated their website with what is definitively the beginning of the end of the Wii-U. The remaining bundles on Nintendo’s site have been captioned with what translates to “Production is scheduled to end soon” below pictures of the system. The remaining white Wii-U 32GB bundles are now the only remaining retail SKUs […]

Scott Pilgrim Creator Vows to Re-Release Video Game

Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley took to Twitter to talk about his desire to re-release the downloadable Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game on modern platforms. The tweet reads as follows: my #1 goal in life is to get the Scott Pilgrim video game rereleased. give me time — Bryan Lee O'Malley (@radiomaru) August […]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition Announced

CD Projekt Red have announced the newest rendition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in it’s Game of the Year Edition. The latest release will feature the base game along with it’s Hearth of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions. It’s expected to release on August 30 with no price details as of yet. Seeing Blood and […]

Pokémon Go Update Removes Tracking

Niantic’s latest update to Pokémon GO has brought one major change we didn’t expect – the removal of tracking. Before the update, tracking allowed you to determine what direction and proximity certain Pokémon in your area were at. You may remember when the app launched here in Ireland tracking itself was busted, looking like this: […]

Disney Infinity To End Online Services By 2017

It’s sad to see Disney’s apparent departure from video games once more. The numerous publishers chomping at the bit for a license of their properties, combined with the moderate sales of Disney Infinity finally drove the conglomerate to walk out the proverbial door on first-party development with their fat stacks of cash from licensing Star […]

German TV Station Cancels eSports Broadcast Amidst Violence

German television company ProSieben has cancelled all of its eSports broadcasts following the string of violent acts occurring in Germany last week. A now-cancelled major broadcast was TBS’ ELEAGUE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches, which will still be available to watch on the 99Damage Twitch channel. 99Damage is a major news and fixture source for the German eSports community. Their commentators have […]

Dara O Briain Announces New Video Game Show

Dara O Briain is a self-professed video game fan, so it shouldn’t come as any major surprise that he’s put together quite a show about video games. Go 8 Bit is the new show spearheaded by the comedian with guests such as Ed Byrne, Bob Mortimer, Rachel Riley, Ed Byrne, Josie Long, Holly Walsh, and Ellie […]

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Details Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege continues to be one of the most quietly phenomenal shooters of the year. Now over eight months since release, Ubisoft have divulged information on the newest season of their tactical shooter. This update brings the noise from the favelas of Brazil in “Operation Skull Rain” with two new operators, one new map and […]

Google To Host Android Indie Games Festival

Google are planning to host their own indie game festival in San Francisco to promote smaller Android developers this September. They will handpick 30 of the best games to showcase and will decide upon 3 winners, whom will receive prizes such as tickets to Google’s I/O developer conference. Judging by the application requirements, they’re open to […]