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T.J. Miller to star in The EmojiMovie

T.J. Miller to star in The EmojiMovie


Sorry to be the one to remind you of this, but that Emoji Movie is still happening. Fresh off of all the good-will he gained from DeadpoolT.J. Miller seems intent to squander it by singing on to star.

Yesterday, Sony released an “audition tape” for the film onto Youtube. It’s entirely Miller mugging at the camera but it also revealed to us the full title of the film: Emojimovie: Express Yourself. And yes Emojimovie is one word.

So what could this possibly be about you ask? Well Miller will be voicing a “Meh” emoji who has aspirations beyond the chains of this communist emoji society, but something about Miller’s character allows him to feel a full range of emotions and he will no longer conform! Other than that who knows. Hopefully we can expect appearances from all our favourite characters like the smiley poop emoji, crying laughter emoji and underlined 100 emoji. What a cast!

This guaranteed Oscar-winning masterpiece will be released August 11 2017. Mark that date in your calendars and await the defining film of this generation!