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8 Reactions To E3 Excitement

E3, the world’s biggest gaming exhibition, is right around the corner and will run from June 12 – 14. Taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 is set to reveal some big new titles. Along with the main event in June, there will also be a number of high profile showcases, leaks and […]

Playing Co-Op Games With Your Buddy

Nowadays gaming can be a massive solo effort or a life sapping multiplayer game played online. But what happened to playing co-op games? There was an abundance of games that saw you and your buddy or buddies team up to do a big gaming session of your favourite co-op game. Here are the usual steps of […]

Goodbye Moffatt – A GIF Essay

Good news! We have another Doctor Who Christmas Special. Bad news. It’ll be the last time we see Peter Capaldi as The Doctor Good news again! It’ll also be the last time Steven Moffat contributes to the show! But tis the season to focus on the positive side. Yes ‘Tis.  Now I know Moffat’s contributions […]

Gif Essay – Approaching Exam Season

Dare I even mention the dreaded “exam season” that’s looming ahead. Even if you’re no longer in school or college, you no doubt know somebody who will be tackling exams within the coming weeks. And there are a lot of recognisable signs students are starting to get stressed before they reach the sweet release of […]

Grinding Out Your K/D – Gif Essay

It’s been a long while since I’ve invested into a game like Call of Duty: WWII. Over the last few years, I’ve unintentionally veered more towards story based video games, and focused less on FPS. The only competitive shooter I’ve devotedly pursued is Overwatch, which is in an entirely different league to the CoD franchise. […]

Gif Essay: Turning 21

So, last week I finally turned the big 21. For some reason, reaching level 21 is something which is considered no less than monumental in birthday terms. It’s up there with the big 18 and all those decade birthdays. Honestly, I have no idea why, but there is definitely something different about these ‘significant’ birthdays. […]

Pesky Time-Consuming Summer Jobs

We are about half-way through the summer and, for some, that means slumming it out at home, reading manga, watching movies, playing video games and chilling with friends. For others, it means going to work – and that can get in the way of some geeky downtime; nobody hates real-life responsibilities getting in the way […]

A Sunny Day In Dublin City

Finally, it looks like Summer in Dublin is here. Well, when I say Summer I mean that the temperature has gone above 18 degrees C and it has stop raining briefly. And whenever there is a sunny day in Dublin, there are a number of sights you are all but guaranteed to see. And for […]