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Gif Essay – Mo Money Mo Problems

Gif Essay – Mo Money Mo Problems


So payday is just around the corner! Whether you’re paid at the end of the month, fortnightly or one of those rare mythical weekly payday people! The time to reflect on your finances as your bank balance returns to normal. Payday is sacred! Payday is life! Oh look sh*t I don’t need but suddenly am compelled to buy! Mo Money mo problems!


Pay day

Welcome to money town! You now totally understand the phrase ‘flush with cash’. You are the richest person you know!



You could be sensible with this money! Put it in a savings account, invest it even! Or you could just blow it all on comics! That PSN store won’t shop itself! You deserve this! More importantly you need this!

Oh Wait No!


Life gets in the way! You’re an adult; you can’t spend your hard earned money on the stuff you want! You idiot! You have responsibilities… oh joy! Better pay those bills!

But Wait There’s More…

Other Half

You have people depending on you and your income! Ain’t life grand?

Don’t forget those wonderful subscription services you need! I’m not talking about the fun ones! I’m not even talking about the ones that help stave off the pressures of reality – how could you survive with out electricity or food or heaven forbidden a TV license?!

More Bills

By the next day your money and dreams will seem like faded memories!

No Money