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Geek Log | Too Many Books

Geek Log, Earthdate 280918: Hey, so how’s your week been going so far? Hopefully it’s been good. I got myself a ticket for Metallica in Slane through fan presale and I finally got my final results for my games development course so things are going great. Still, you’re not really here to see what I’m […]

Omnicon Returns This Weekend August 25th

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend then look no further. Omnicon returns to Limerick, taking place in the South Court Hotel. The fan run event promises, panels, workshops, roleplaying games as well as a cosplay competition. In addition to the events, there will also be a trade hall and gaming tournaments taking […]

5 Geeky Things To Do On Rainy Days

Rain Rain Go Away… A rainy day? Perfect time to catch up on some time in front of the TV and tackle that mountain of half finished video games! Or! Or you could do something a little different! Forget about the binge watch/marathon on Netflix and do something a little different… Start A New Book […]

Building Your Geek Fortress 101

So the weekend has come and gone and what have you to show for it? Were you forced to clean your room? Was your gaming space invaded by relatives? The television conquered by chores? Well, you are not the only one. Thousands, nay, millions of us across the world suffer at the hands of weekend […]

The Geeky Kitchen – Geeky Goodies

I live in my kitchen! I find cooking and baking to a lot more relaxing than gaming or reading. Hell I even started a baking column (soon to return) on the site! I have presses with ingredients overflowing. It’s not just a regular kitchen though. In the mix of my pots, trays, mixers are some […]

Geeks On Tour – Hidden Dublin

It’s easy to spend a day in Dublin but when you’ve spent the majority of your adult life living in and around the city, you start to look for something new, or at least a little bit different. For quite a small city, especially compared to other capitals of the continent (London has twice the […]