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Geek Culture – We Are Failing Our Superheroes

There are so many wonderful things about being a geek in this day and age that it would be hard to even pick a place to start. The Emma of twenty years ago would have wept with delirious joy to think that one day all the things that made her a bit of a weirdo […]

Big Iron – Marty Robbins – Track Of The Day

The only apocalypse for you is in the nearest Fallout game to hand. Welcome to your Track of The Day. Those of you post apocalyptic gamers may recall this one from Marty Robbins. Enjoy! Wednesday is upon us and while it might seem like the end of days it is actually closer to the end […]

Ghostbusters Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

For all those hoping that the negativity surrounding Ghostbusters prior to its release would impact the movie – I have some bad news. It looks like Ghostbusters is here for the long haul. Amid early positive reviews and projections it would appear that the franchise is here to stay. This is according to producer Amy […]

‘ Song of The Dragonborn’ – Skyrim – Track of the Day

From the game that consumed over 400 hours of my life and left me still wanting more, comes your Wednesday track: ‘Song of the Dragonborn’. Its one of those tracks that just screams epic. Loudly. From the nearest mountaintop. That you’ve more than likely climbed using your horse cause it’s a near ninety degree angle. […]

Gif Essay: It’s A Catastrophe

It seems cats have become quite popular in terms of modern day pets. They’re fairly independent critters who’ll happily lounge about on their own and they generally don’t need to be walked the way you would a dog. However, if you look after one you’ll also generally know that for all the fuzzy companionship cats […]

Suffering You – 16 Volt – ToTD

Welcome to Tuesday. No, it’s not Wednesday, definitely not even Thursday yet. It’s undoubtedly going to be a long one. As such, this seemed like an appropriate choice to get you up and out the front door, swinging. If you’ve ever heard of 16 Volt it’s probably going to have something to do with their […]

A Gwent Card Game Could Be On The Table For Projekt Red

With the overwhelming success of The Witcher 3 and the sheer popularity of the card game featured heavily in it, it would appear that a Gwent Card Game could be on the table for CD Projekt Red. The last few days have seen a trademark filled just for that. Not necessarily a guarantee of a […]

The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine Review

We always feel a pang of something indescribable when it comes to the end of something great. It’s rare that I feel such a sense of loss at the ending of a game but such is the case with The Witcher 3. Truthfully, the latest and last expansion, Blood and Wine, has blown everything I […]

Michelle Gomez Confirms Return To Doctor Who

As if we ever had a doubt, Michelle Gomez has gone and confirmed during her appearance at MegaCon in Orlando that Missy will in fact be returning with the coming Season 10 of Doctor Who. How much of her we’ll be seeing is anyone’s guess but with filming beginning for Season 10 in July and […]

Wonder Woman Is Already A Rarity In Hollywood

Wonder Woman isn’t due out for little over a year but it’s already found itself in a very selective category among Hollywood movies. You might not know this, but Wonder Woman is part of a very small group of films to both have a female director and a budget over $100 Million dollars. How small […]