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It Chapter Two Finally Gets Trailer

2017 was the Year of King solely because of the amount of adaptations of Stephen King that came out that year. However, it hasn’t stopped there and the Year of King has extended beyond that, with adaptations of his work announced almost daily at this point. Still, 2017 was the start of that, and of the […]

‘Woken Furies’ – GUNSHIP – Track Of The Day

GUNSHIP have been featured for a Track Of The Day before, but surprisingly enough not by me.  As someone who found himself unwittingly addicted to synth-wave, they’ve become one of my favourite bands. And they just released their second album last month, Dark All Day!  ‘Woken Furies’ is the first song in the album and […]

Castlevania Season 2 Review – Morning Star

Over a year ago season 1 of Castlevania came out. We had to wait some months in comparison for season two, and it was a bit annoying. As a kid who grew up playing Super Castlevania IV and Symphony of the Night it was what I wanted in a video game adaptation. So I really […]

You Should Read… Paul Tremblay

For this week’s edition of You Should I’m going to talk about one of my most recent favourite authors. That’s none other than Paul Tremblay, as the title says.  If you’ve read some of my stuff before you probably know that I’m a voracious reader. I try to add variety and a lot of different […]

Iron Fist Gets Cancelled

Well, this was unexpected. While season one of Iron Fist was abysmal, it looked like season two had improved a lot. It looks like it’s a case of too little too late, however, because Netflix has just cancelled the show. After two seasons, the man with the glowing fist has just lost his show. A […]

Cemetery Beach #1 Review

I would read a Warren Ellis shopping list at this stage. He’s a writer that’s consistently very solid, with an insane amount of work. As someone who reads his newsletter religiously (Orbital Operations, and I can’t say this enough: you should read this), I’m always surprised by the crazy amount of projects he has going […]

Skybound Takes Over The Walking Dead Game

Clem Lives! To put it bluntly, this whole situation with Telltale Games has been a shitshow, for lack of a better word. Completion of The Walking Dead: The Final Season seemed dubious, especially because the skeleton crew that wasn’t laid off (at least until this week) were allegedly working on Minecraft for Netflix. Telltale kept […]

Title And Directors List Of Star Wars TV Show Announced

Earlier last week Jon Favreau announced that production on his Star Wars TV show has begun. He also revealed the title: The Mandalorian and shared the first official image of the show (above). The official press release on the Star Wars website reveals a few more details about the show. We now know it will premiere […]

Geek Log | Too Many Books

Geek Log, Earthdate 280918: Hey, so how’s your week been going so far? Hopefully it’s been good. I got myself a ticket for Metallica in Slane through fan presale and I finally got my final results for my games development course so things are going great. Still, you’re not really here to see what I’m […]

Future Starts Slow – The Kills

Months ago I binged on Netflix’s Altered Carbon and I enjoyed it. I’m a simple man so if you give me cyberpunk and someone wearing a cool coat I’m in. There was a moment in the season finale where I heard this song that was familiar, but couldn’t put my finger on why. Thanks to […]