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Cemetery Beach #1 Review

Cemetery Beach #1 Review


I would read a Warren Ellis shopping list at this stage.

He’s a writer that’s consistently very solid, with an insane amount of work. As someone who reads his newsletter religiously (Orbital Operations, and I can’t say this enough: you should read this), I’m always surprised by the crazy amount of projects he has going on, a lot of them with codenames because of NDAs and other stuff like that. Cemetery Beach was originally Project Omaha.

And man, this is such a fun book!

It’s another collaboration of Warren Ellis with Jason Howard (they do Trees together) and it came from Howard‘s desire of making an action book. Ellis wrote something that starts in an interrogation room and doesn’t stop until the very end of the series. After reading this first issue (out of seven), it looks like this will be a great read.

“On a nightmare planet in a terrifying colony ran by crazy people!”

Here’s a funny thing; the codename used for Cemetery Beach and the name itself made me believe this would be a WWII comic. But it’s not! It’s actually set in an off-world colony that was established during the 20s. A scout from Earth is there on recon and gets captured, then escapes and recruits a local woman to help him get to his extraction point. And immediately after this, Cemetery Beach goes bonkers and it launches into a very long chase scene.

It’s as amazing as it sounds. The colours and the art complement the story quite well and it’s also very minimalistic. There are no sound effects, no narration, and no thought bubbles where the character wonders what the hell is going on. And it’s refreshing! It’s also interesting to see the glimpses we get of the colony. It’s mentioned that it was established in the 20s, so the few technological things we glimpse in this issue are slightly different to things on Earth.

Honestly, read Cemetery Beach. It will get you hooked and make you wonder how the story will develop. Issue one came out last month, so issue two will drop in the next few days. It’s the perfect time to pick this up!

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