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Cemetery Beach #1 Review

I would read a Warren Ellis shopping list at this stage. He’s a writer that’s consistently very solid, with an insane amount of work. As someone who reads his newsletter religiously (Orbital Operations, and I can’t say this enough: you should read this), I’m always surprised by the crazy amount of projects he has going […]

Segregated Supers – Back Issues

So I’ve been following Inhumans Vs. X-Men, as well as making my way through some of the older X-Men storylines, specifically the Messiah Trilogy. The former is mainly due to curiosity, the latter due to a dearth of decent new Marvel titles. If nothing else, it’s been interesting to see Marvel’s treatment of the mutant minority then, versus how […]

Cops Hunting Snotty Girls – Comicphiles

Looking for new comics to read? We’re here to help! For this week’s Comicphiles I decided to go with another scattershot approach. Judging only by the covers, I picked three comics I’d never heard of before at all. The feeling of picking up something totally unfamiliar and being sucked in – that was my goal. I […]

Review: Sheltered: A Pre-Apocalyptic Tale

We’ve all traveled the Wastelands of Fallout, or seen the Road Warrior make his journey across the plains in Mad Max. In some shape or form, we’re all familiar with a bleak vision of the post-apocalyptic future that could be in store for humanity. But what about the times before those visions, before the bombs dropped? In […]