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Cemetery Beach #1 Review

I would read a Warren Ellis shopping list at this stage. He’s a writer that’s consistently very solid, with an insane amount of work. As someone who reads his newsletter religiously (Orbital Operations, and I can’t say this enough: you should read this), I’m always surprised by the crazy amount of projects he has going […]

Netflix Gets Castlevania Series

Netflix made plenty of announcements this week, but Castlevania getting an animated series overshadowed everything else. The Belmonts are back! The details surrounding this were confusing. Especially because the press release said Castlevania: Season 1 Part I and that it’s coming out this year. However, the main question in my mind was which Belmont clan […]

Warren Ellis Next Novella To Be Serialised

Warren Ellis has a lot of projects going on. He speaks  about most of them in his newsletter, however he uses codenames because of NDAs. However, the important thing is that in last week’s he announced his next work, a novella called Normal. As Ellis puts it, it’s a locked-room mystery set in a remote rest […]