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Netflix Gets Castlevania Series

Netflix Gets Castlevania Series


Netflix made plenty of announcements this week, but Castlevania getting an animated series overshadowed everything else. The Belmonts are back!

The details surrounding this were confusing. Especially because the press release said Castlevania: Season 1 Part I and that it’s coming out this year. However, the main question in my mind was which Belmont clan member the series would focus on.

I didn’t put two and two together with producer Adi Shankar saying a year ago that he was working on a Castlevania series with Frederator Studios. But hours after the news broke Shankar took to Facebook, and also talked to IGN, and gave more details.

Now we know that the series will consist of four half-hour episodes. The show will adapt Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, although the main character might not be Trevor Belmont as in the game, but a different Belmont altogether.

However, the most telling reveal is that Warren Ellis did the writing, two seasons of it. Years ago, Ellis wrote a script for a straight to DVD animated movie adapting this game that never happened. So I wonder if this series will reuse that script or what.

Shankar also promised that the series would be rated R and that it would break the streak of terrible game adaptations.

However, since Shankar said that Warren Ellis wrote two seasons, which game will season two adapt?! There are plenty to choose from but I just hope it’s Symphony of the Night. Alucard first appeared on Dracula‘s Curse so thematically, it would make sense.

I just love Castlevania. Super Castlevania IV and Symphony of the Night were formative experiences when I was a kid. This makes me hope that Castlevania will resurface, because Konami has been treating it terribly.

Are you guys looking forward to this? In case you didn’t notice I can’t wait for this. As a bonus track have some cool music.