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Garnet – Celebrate LGBT+ Geek Pride

Garnet – Celebrate LGBT+ Geek Pride


I Am Even More Than The Two Of Them

Garnet is a member of the Crystal Gems. A small but defiant group of Gems struggling to protect Earth from their homeworld and fellow Gems. Since their leader gave up her physical Garnet has taken on the role of leader.

As the first season of Steven Universe drew to a close we got to learn something about Garnet. She is in fact, two Gems fused together. The process of fusing was dealt with in previous episodes, we learn that Gems can combine their bodies, physical and spiritual to form a new force. There must be a strong bond between the two, the Gems must strike a perfect harmony to truly unlock their full potential.

Garnet herself is the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire.

On meeting the pair, it becomes clear just who Garnet really is and we learn a huge amount about her as a character. Steven Universe doesn’t dress these Gems or their fusion up as some token or put them on a pedestal. Ruby, Sapphire and ultimately Garnet are not perfect.

Relationships aren’t made and don’t work because the couple are perfect. There is a balance, there is give and there is take. Ruby and Sapphire understand that and work to lift their other half up and support each other. Ruby balances Sapphire’s indecisiveness while Sapphire calms Ruby’s aggression. Their relationship, their harmony when combined brings out Garnet.

More Than A Gem

As a character, as a role model Garnet feels so very real. I feel such a strong affinity for her and the Gems who fuse her that I’ve them tattooed on my arms. Garnet, Ruby and Sapphire aren’t just a positive symbol for same-sex relationships though.

In season 4 Garnet sings ‘Here Comes A Thought’ and that song has helped me pull through some of my own personal discourse. We live in an age where everything comes at us very quickly. We’re drawing down and processing so much information that realistically we’re not able to take it all in. We sacrifice our own time to just get through the day and stress and anxiety have become just another part of our lives. Garnet talks about finding a balance, how to process that anxiety, the worry and even the fear. It isn’t something we should bury down inside and try to ignore. Confronting our issues, facing our problems are key to becoming better and stronger people.

Whenever I feel like the world is becoming just that little bit too much I make time to listen to that song.

I never thought that I would be so influenced by a character cartoon. Garnet is an admirable role model for young and older audiences. She is a testament to how much we have come and a champion for the ongoing work for equality for all.

Happy Pride!