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10 Things to Do In The Sun!

Catch a Wave! Go to the beach! Show off that beach body while you’re at it! Try a barbecue! If you can put it together that is…. Try a picnic! Better yet, crash a picnic! Go for a swim! ….Unless you can’t swim Enjoy for a nice walk in the park! Or have a nice […]

Steven Universe Season 5 Is Going To Be ‘Intense’

Crystal Gem wannabes get ready to shield your hearts and prepare your feelings. Cartoon Network have dropped a snippet recapping Steven’s past adventures with a heavy tagline. The clip and caption refer to the upcoming Steven Universe Season 5. #StevenUniverse can get really intense, huh? 😳 Steven’s all-new adventure starts May 8th. pic.twitter.com/lVJQQ96SCb — Cartoon […]

Steven Universe Soundtrack Album Incoming

In case you didn’t know it’ we’re huge fans of Steven Universe. Like super huge fans! Between Eilis and her regular reviews of the episodes and Declan getting his Ruby and Sapphire tattoos; we’re crazy for the Gems. Fans like ourselves will rejoice to know that a soundtrack album has been confirmed. The official Steven Universe […]