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The Geeky Kitchen – Geeky Goodies

The Geeky Kitchen – Geeky Goodies


I live in my kitchen! I find cooking and baking to a lot more relaxing than gaming or reading. Hell I even started a baking column (soon to return) on the site! I have presses with ingredients overflowing. It’s not just a regular kitchen though. In the mix of my pots, trays, mixers are some pretty geeky kitchen goodies!

From my TARDIS tea strainer to my Light Sabre ice pop maker, I am a geek baker always on the hunt for more! So today I present you with some of my most highly sought after geeky kitchen must haves!

Super Baking

Available from DeeZigns this waist apron is perfect for any super baker out there! It even comes with a handy pocket on the front should you wish to keep your recipe close at hand.

Mitts Fit For Mustafar

I burn through oven mitts faster than any normal person should. Stains, scorch marks and wear n’tear have left me wanting a mightier mitt. Well they may not be the best soldiers in the world but I’d look a 100 times more fetching in the kitchen with this Storm Trooper inspired oven mitt!

Magic Recipe

Not that my food ever requires additional seasoning (how are you!) but these magic salt and pepper wands should be in every kitchen! The difference a little seasoning can make to a dish is something out of this world. You don’t even have to fill these with salt or pepper! Spice things up with a little chili powder or paprika!

Slice Of Space

Stupid picture of delicious pizza making me hungry! Sometimes a knife doesn’t cut it! When it fails best grab this Enterprise inspired pizza slicer and cut yourself a snack!


I like my tea like I like my Pikachus! Lots of it! Too much of it! This adorable little teapot has all of that! Consumption of tea in my house would sky rocket if every single cup was poured from this little yellow pot.

Here Be Cookies

Mother of Dragons? I’m the Mother of Cookies! I love to bake cookies and can whip up batch after batch and eat said batches too!

This Dragon Egg cookie jar is enough to deter cookie robbers! Being real about it though, cookies never survive long enough my house to warrant a jar! I just want the dragon egg!

Dark Side Is Cooler

After a hard day in the kitchen every chef deserves a drink. Chill it with this awesome Death Star ice cube mould. There is nothing in this world that would make you look and feel cooler than evil ice!