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Geeky Goodies: Pocket Camp Edition

The much-awaited Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp finally came to Irish phones last November: though, if you were anything like me, you may have hacked the Australian version a month sooner. We’ve been waiting eagerly for a new edition to the Animal Crossing franchise for years and Pocket Camp honestly did not disappoint. With a new concept […]

Gaming Art Books You Didn’t Know You Needed

Clear some space on those book shelves! We’re talking gaming art books! We’re having this conversation because Blizzard are after announcing an Overwatch book. There will be two versions both featuring stunning cocept designs and visuals for the game with notes from the team! A standard edition for the budget conscious and a special collectors edition […]

The Geeky Kitchen – Geeky Goodies

I live in my kitchen! I find cooking and baking to a lot more relaxing than gaming or reading. Hell I even started a baking column (soon to return) on the site! I have presses with ingredients overflowing. It’s not just a regular kitchen though. In the mix of my pots, trays, mixers are some […]

Geeky Goodies: Disney Edition

I love Disney. My family knows this. My friends know this. Any maintenance worker in my apartment knows this (even if they don’t know me.) Knowledge of Disney lyrics is a prerequisite for anybody who wants a lift in my car. (My sister once got the lyrics to Hakuna Matata wrong – we haven’t spoken […]

Lazy Anime Day – Geeky Goodies

We all get those lazy anime days where we sit around in our pyjamas, hair sticking straight up (which you secretly like, because it makes you feel like an anime character yourself) with half eaten packets of sweets strewn around you. On this depressing Monday, a lazy anime day would be heaven! Sometimes they’re totally unplanned […]