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Jacksepticeye Meets Connor From Detroit: Become Human

Irish Youtuber and all round beloved internet personality Jacksepticeye sat down with Detroit: Become Human’s Connor. Connor, played Bryan Dechart is hilarious and steals the show from his host. Jack is presented with a CyberLife jacket and we’re totally jealous! Dechart offers the gaming Youtuber, a tutorial on becoming the perfect android partner. Check it out: Also […]

Who Is Your Dream Daddy? – Quiz

Listen, every waking moment of my life since the project was announced has been about Dream Daddy. With 7 very hot Dads to choose from each with their own personalities, looks and families – pickinga favourite has been really hard! Like really hard! If you’ve been suffering with the same problem as me well fear not! […]

5 Geeky Things To Do On Rainy Days

Rain Rain Go Away… A rainy day? Perfect time to catch up on some time in front of the TV and tackle that mountain of half finished video games! Or! Or you could do something a little different! Forget about the binge watch/marathon on Netflix and do something a little different… Start A New Book […]

Gif Essay – Mo Money Mo Problems

So payday is just around the corner! Whether you’re paid at the end of the month, fortnightly or one of those rare mythical weekly payday people! The time to reflect on your finances as your bank balance returns to normal. Payday is sacred! Payday is life! Oh look sh*t I don’t need but suddenly am […]

Pokémon Wedding – Gallery

If you think you’ve found the cutest thing on the internet today then think again! Reddit user, grasshopper7891 has shared pictures from his recent Pokémon wedding and they are absolutely adorable! Matching pokéball bow ties, bridesmaid dresses and even a pokéball inspired cake to boot, the wedding was every trainer’s dream. The couple also gave their guests […]