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Whachu Doin’… Matt

The more things change Quite a lot has changed since my last Whachu doin back in May 2017. In my working life, I have settled into my role as Academic Coordinator at BIMM Dublin, and I built two sets of class timetable from scratch; one for BIMM Dublin and then one for the newly opened […]

Whatchu Doin Laura?

So, what am I up to this week? Jetsetting across foreign lands? Fighting evil under death defying circumstances?! No, I’m sitting around in my pyjama’s playing video games like always, dummy! Video Games Lucky for me, this week was my birthday! So not only did I get to gorge myself on cake, I got my […]

Buncrana Banter – Geeks On Tour

This week’s installment of Geeks On Tour brings us all the way to the windy northern coast of Ireland, to the town of Buncrana. As a small town in Donegal’s Inishowen peninsula, it’s about a million miles from what you’d consider a Geek Mecca. Nevertheless, explore it we shall! While it may not be where I […]

Geeks On Tour – Hidden Dublin

It’s easy to spend a day in Dublin but when you’ve spent the majority of your adult life living in and around the city, you start to look for something new, or at least a little bit different. For quite a small city, especially compared to other capitals of the continent (London has twice the […]

Whathu Doin’ This Week Alice?

What am I doing? Well it’s been a busy week and I’ve up to a bit. Playing games, watching videos, listening to music, writing stuff and working on a project. This is all outside of college work of course. Watching Shows well let’s start with the TV shows, well one TV show, really. I watched […]

Growing Up Geek – Essay

I wouldn’t say I grew up in the geekiest house. I didn’t grow up in a city either! I grew up in rural Ireland, in the west of Limerick. My parents and five brothers all had and have for the most part their own interests. So I’ve always wondered; how I ended up growing up […]