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Whathu Doin’ This Week Alice?

Whathu Doin’ This Week Alice?


What am I doing? Well it’s been a busy week and I’ve up to a bit. Playing games, watching videos, listening to music, writing stuff and working on a project. This is all outside of college work of course.



well let’s start with the TV shows, well one TV show, really. I watched the first two seasons of Rick and Morty finally, AND I WANT MORE! I’m sure most of you have already seen it, but for those who haven’t I’d recommend it, assuming you don’t have a problem with some crude humour.  It follows the escapades of genius Rick along with his grandson Morty, as well as his granddaughter Summer, daughter Beth and son-in-law Jerry. Though the adults are less involved in most escapades. The supporting characters outside the family are also largely noteworthy, some examples being: Mr. Meeseeks, Mr. Poopybutthole, Unity and of course, Birdperson. Good show, I want season three.


I’ve been going to the cinema a lot lately, more viable now that I’ve finally gotten an Odeon limitless card. Which, for €20 a month entitles me to see any film. I’ve been about thrice in the past week, in fact I’m just home from Arrival. Home with a disgusting popcorn baby. The film was enjoyable though, a different take on an alien film. Not an invasion or abduction story but simply a film of trying to commune with the strange visitors. Though some of the visual effect were a bit iffy at points the creature design was cool and the acting was pretty strong all round.

Allied came out recently, I saw that yesterday. Another good film starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, a pair who fall in love while fighting the nazis undercover in Casablanca (it’s set during world war two by the way, just to clarify). They move to England and have a child. All is well until Cotillard’s Marianne is suspected of being a German spy and Pitt’s Max must prove her innocence or execute her by his own hand. He has 72 hours to do so, by which time his superiors will know. Another good one, a lot of decent films out lately.

I also saw Fantastic Beasts (for a second time) which I’m sure needs no explanation. But in short, imagine 1920’s Men In Black but with witches/wizards and magic as opposed to aliens. Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander is a bloody heartthrob but I’d say Dan Fogler’s Jacob steals the show. Also, I didn’t even recognise him as Dan Fogler until it was pointed out. Another good one, the card is proving worthwhile so far…

And then I’m seeing Moana on Saturday…


Impossible Creatures

I’ve mostly just been playing two games. One on my PC and one on my phone. On my PC I’ve been playing through the campaign of Impossible Creatures, and only now, writing this line do I realise that it could be compared to Fantastic Beasts. Set just prior to the second world war, Rex Chance has heard from his estranged father who wishes to meet him. He arrives at the string of islands where his father has been working on an advanced technology only for him to be missing, Rex is rescued by Lucy, his fathers research assistant from the ominous Upton Julius. This is where you get into the meat of the game(maybe a pun?). It’s a real time strategy but unlike others, your units are not preset. You must build your creatures to fight by combining two animals, keeping the traits that make it effective. You can combine a tiger and a turtle, a giraffe and a lobster, hell what about an orca and a gorilla? Fun stuff.

Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

I’ve also been playing Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes, the mobile card game to the PvZ franchise. A good game and unlike most multiplayer card games, there is an asymmetrical element. You can play either a zombie or a plant deck, zombie play first, then plants, then zombies can play ‘trick’ cards (action cards other than just zombie units) and then there’s combat, where it goes by lane but everything in the lane gets an attack. Both players start with 20 life, first to 0 loses. Different heroes can use different card types. For example, there are explosive plant card types, sneaky zombie card types. And the heroes have unique power cards, you start with one and hits charge a shield, full charge blocks a hit and gives you another power card. Also, puns and wordplay. The music is enjoyable too, nice and thematic.

What Else?

Writing some pieces for a page I need for college work (not that I didn’t want to do it anyway). Been working on some notes for a game I want to work on. Playing some Betrayal at House on the Hill (I survived Constantine versus The Evil Dead and also survived The Surge) as well as Vampire the Masquerade, it wasn’t broken but we were on trial resided over by a justicar, probably not good that I partook the blood of the wolf and attacked the keeper of Elysium… the prince killed himself due to a frenzied botch, probably good for the party though. Oh, I’ve also slowly been making progress clearing my room so I can set up a table that I can use for painting Warhammer 40K. I still need a chair… meh, started finally moving some of My Pop figures out of the way.


Oh, and I almost forgot, I’ve been on Spotify a lot.