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Whathu Doin’ This Week Alice?

What am I doing? Well it’s been a busy week and I’ve up to a bit. Playing games, watching videos, listening to music, writing stuff and working on a project. This is all outside of college work of course. Watching Shows well let’s start with the TV shows, well one TV show, really. I watched […]

Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet New TMNT In Upcoming Episode

The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series first aired back in 1987 as a five-part mini-series. It exploded onto the scene with unprecedented popularity among its audience. The series dominated the Saturday morning cartoons timeline expanding into toys, collectibles, comics, games and spin-off movies before wrapping up in 1996. Four years ago the turtles, Leonardo, […]

Street Artist Mash-up: Renaissance Masters And Shell-Shockers!

New Zealand born artist Owen Dippie has paid tribute to two desperate passions by combining them in one picture. Recreating classical portraits of four Renaissance masters, he adds to each the eye mask of their corresponding Ninja Turtle. (Left to Right: Leonardo, Raphael,  Michael Angelo, Donatello). In the picture, Dippie combines high and pop culture, demonstrating the […]