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Of Dice And Gamers | Knavecon Live

As predicted my battery didn’t last long but I’ve excellent recollection. In between the last update and now, my predictions came through… I won everything with a victory streak that seemed to go on for hours. Okay I’m lying. I lost at everything but that game of Jaipur. Regardless I had an amazing time at the event […]

Knavecon 12 Readies For September Event

You had me at board games! Then the card games! Then buy part of bring and buy. Lastly the coffee! Knavecon 12, the Limerick based boardgame convention, is getting ready for another jam-packed event. So if you fancy a day meeting and competing against fellow tabletop geeks, look no further! Knavecon 12 takes place in […]

Cards Against Humanity Needs You

Yes everyone’s favourite offensive party game, Cards Against Humanity is hiring. If you haven’t heard or played CAH you are either living in a cave surrounded by nuns or you have terribly boring friends. The black and white card game is pulled out at every single Doody family gathering. It helps diffuse the tension and […]