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Geeky Goodies – Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

Geeky Goodies – Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game


In this week’s Geeky Goodies I’ll be writing about a project that caught my eye on Kickstarter. It’s an official Street Fighter boardgame.

There have been plenty of times where a video game has been turned into a board game. We have examples like Doom or Dark Souls. Those games have mechanics that translate well into board games. So, in the beginning I was a bit dubious about how Street Fighter would translate as a board game. And while it’s slightly different from the video game it looks cool and interesting enough to stand on its own.

There’s a caveat, though. Because of the scope of the game, and the amount of stuff it has in it, it will never be available on shops. Street Fighter: The Miniature Game will only be available through this Kickstarter and Jasco Games directly (in possibly limited quantities).

Where did this game come from?

This game was created and designed by Joe Vargas, AngryJoe on Youtube, and he partnered with Jasco Games to bring it to life. It has what Jasco call the Universal Tactics System, which means that apparently up to six people can play the game at the same time. Either in teams or in a free for all way. There’s also a boss expansion that has three players against an overpowered boss character, and of course those overpowered bosses are none other than Akuma and Bison.

The game has a series of boards, depicting stages from the games, like Guile’s air force stage. These stages come with 3D elements that act as destructible elements, introducing an element of tactics and strategy to the game. The game has battle decks exclusive to each character and dice used for attacking.

But what really steals the show when it comes to this game is the miniatures. The miniatures are in what Jasco calls collectors scale, which is bigger than a proper miniature or an Amiibo. They come prepainted and to be fair, they’re simply stunning as you can see below. The base game comes with six figures (Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Zangief, Sagat, and Vega) but there are stretch goals to bring more figures from different Street Fighter games.

What else can you say about this?

Street Fighter: The Miniature Game is currently doing great on Kickstarter. The project got fully funded on its first day and right now Jasco are working on the stretch goals and they’re close to reaching a million dollars pledged to the project. These stretch goals have to do with more characters (with their figures, decks and all that), more stages and other modes of gameplay.

It’s no wonder that this boardgame will only be available on Kickstarter. It feels too good to be true, and also making and distributing this game without relying on Kickstarter would mean bankrupt in a worst case scenario. Jasco has everything planned, especially when it comes to shipping the game, because backers from the EU will get the game shipped from there, as opposed to having to pay astronomical shipping fees from the US.

If you have a chance to back this game then go ahead. To wrap this up I’ll leave this video where Angry Joe talks about the game in-depth.