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Board Game Night – August 28th 2018

Board Game Night – August 28th 2018


Our Board Game Night is returning to Chez le Fab at the end of the month! If you fancy trying your hand at some fun and competitive tabletop gaming, you’ll find no better place!

As usual it’s €5 entry but that gets you a hot cup of coffee or tea as well as access to our library of games. Our game of the month for August 2018 is Masquerade. Conceal your identity, amass wealth and take control of a kingdom all while bluffing your opponents. Masquerade is as much about bluffing as it is card counting. You’ll need your wits about you and a real poker face if you fancy climbing to the top of the social ladder.

We have plenty of room for any game masters looking to run some one off games too; just get in touch!

For more information and to RSVP, just click here!

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