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Of Dice And Gamers | Knavecon Live

As predicted my battery didn’t last long but I’ve excellent recollection. In between the last update and now, my predictions came through… I won everything with a victory streak that seemed to go on for hours. Okay I’m lying. I lost at everything but that game of Jaipur. Regardless I had an amazing time at the event […]

Knavecon 12 Readies For September Event

You had me at board games! Then the card games! Then buy part of bring and buy. Lastly the coffee! Knavecon 12, the Limerick based boardgame convention, is getting ready for another jam-packed event. So if you fancy a day meeting and competing against fellow tabletop geeks, look no further! Knavecon 12 takes place in […]

5 Board Games To Play At Parties

Personally, I love board games. Be it new-age card games, Cluedo, Pictionary or just plain old Snap, my favourite type of party is a games party. Except Monopoly. Monopoly can go dive off a cliff. After a recent night in – with both alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers – I decided to make a list of […]

Event: Dublin GameCraft UnPlugged

On November 29, GameCraft will be holding an unplugged games jam event in Pulse College in Dublin 7. GameCraft is a games jam event designed around building the gaming community where they aim to create events which allows game-makers to meet, share ideas, have fun, compete for prizes and, most importantly, make games! The first Dublin GameCraft took […]

Live Blog: Extra Life 2015

Today, I’m participating in Extra Life, alongside thousands of other gamers around the world, doing what we do best playing games! Today there is something different about my gaming session, you can sponsor me and help raise money to help sick children. I’m not alone though, Arcade writers, Anthony, Eoin and Mairead are all taking […]

Gif Essay: Rise of a Board Game Villain

I’ll freely admit to being a complete and total villain when it comes to playing card or board games; the kind of demented lunatic who’ll spend hours losing, and losing badly, just to figure out your strategy so I win once and refuse to play with you ever again. Hey, I have to keep my streak intact! We’re […]