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Of Dice And Gamers | Knavecon Live

Of Dice And Gamers | Knavecon Live


As predicted my battery didn’t last long but I’ve excellent recollection. In between the last update and now, my predictions came through… I won everything with a victory streak that seemed to go on for hours. Okay I’m lying. I lost at everything but that game of Jaipur. Regardless I had an amazing time at the event which is ramping up for an evening and late night/early morning of gaming still. The raffle was just as exciting as the games with a quick speech from organiser Vic Gannon. It’s safe to say that I will be returning for Knavecon 13.

In love with Everdell. The venue is filling up and there is such a great atmosphere here. Like an unprofessional wannabe journalist I have not come prepared and my phone is dying. Just assume if reporting stops… I won all the games! Knavecon is my new favorite convention.

We have foregone a game of Mr. Jack, the pocket version for a game of Everdell. This looks like a fun game! The setup is gorgeous and I do love aagood worker placement game. I have met up with some of my Dungeon World players.


The curse has been broken and we have a Jaipur winner! Good news… it was me and I was a super humble winner!

Spoke way too soon folks, my nemesis Marie has caught up. Down to the final round!

…the curse has heen lifted. I actually won a round of Jaipur.

Game On

We have arrived, name badges and coffee secured. Our first game is going to be Jaipur. A game I have never ever won. Wonderful… Reminder to self remain calm when playing games in public.

We’re off to Knavecon to catch some sweet sweet tabletop gaming! I’ve already arranged to meet another board gamer to pick up a second hand game later too. As for the rest of my day? Who knows?! Now, roll for initiative!

For more information on the board gaming convention, visit their Facebook page!