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Gif Essay: The Stages Of Summer 

Gif Essay: The Stages Of Summer 


With summer upon us, there are plenty of things to look forward to. Conventions, catching up with friends and doing absolutely nothing.

But for a majority of us summer, doesn’t always go to plan. In fact, each and every summer there is a trend of not doing things you swore you were going to do, from working out to travelling. Summer is one of those seasons that we pin our hopes to.

Glorious Weather

When summer typically starts, we are unaware as to what we are in for. One day it is raining and grey and then BOOM! we get a blazing fireball in the sky and it sits there for weeks, burning poor unfortunate souls, making people realise how ill-equipped they are to deal with the sun and, of course, mocking the unfortunate ones sitting exams.

Staying Indoors

It’s a guarantee that, no matter how many sunny days we end up having, some will choose to stay indoors. Myself included. Nothing says video game weather like good, windy, or bad weather. The heart wants what it wants.

Catching Up With Friends

Summer is the time for catching up with that friend that you keep saying you’ll see but always manage to miss the rest of the year. You condense all of your missed time into a glorious afternoon or two and your friendship bond is back with a vengeance.

Going Out For One… Too Many

When you meet up with some friends for ‘a drink’ and you end up staying up until the sun rises the next morning.


Every season is cosplay season but only during summer can you attempt a swimsuit cosplay because your chance of freezing to death is lower now than it was before.


When the boredom hits, it hits hard! You’ve read all your books, you’ve eaten all your food, watched 1 year’s worth of television in a month and you still have nothing left to do.


You can see the end of summer in sight and you start regretting all the days you whined about how bored you are and you wish you could take it all back.

Personally I have a love/hate relationship with summer; it’s too hot, then it’s too cold. For a month solid there are things to do left right and centre and then it’s like there is nothing to do. I’m already mourning the end of my summer because I feel like I have squandered the good days.