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Praise The Sun! – Gallery

Finally the sun is finally starting to shine on us here in Ireland this week. It’s been as far from summer weather as possible for the last while back, but now we can all go outside and enjoy that sweet vitamin D before we burn to a nice lobster red and regret our decisions. So […]

Gif Essay: The Stages Of Summer 

With summer upon us, there are plenty of things to look forward to. Conventions, catching up with friends and doing absolutely nothing. But for a majority of us summer, doesn’t always go to plan. In fact, each and every summer there is a trend of not doing things you swore you were going to do, from […]

Music Monday 23/06/2014

The sun is blazing, school’s almost finished for the summer and all we want to do is go to the beach and party! My Music Monday is going to feature seven of my favourite summer anthems to get you through this scorcher of a week. My idea of  ‘summer songs’ are cheesy, preppy and happy […]