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Crystal Gems Beachwear – Style Saturday

Crystal Gems Beachwear – Style Saturday


Beach City Realness

Did you know that I love Steven Universe? I know, I rarely ever talk about it! Seriously I barely know anything about Steven and the Crystal Gems. It’s not like I made Cookie Cat biscuits, defended Pearl and wrote about how important queer scenes are in the cartoon series. I didn’t tattoo my body with a Ruby and Amethyst either! No I’m barely even up to speed with the show! Now let me show these awesome Crystal Gems Beachwear outfits that I pulled together for Style Saturday.

Okay Irish weather sucks but you get on a plane. Crash by a pool and soak up some sun! Now check out these Garnet and Amethyst inspired outfits that won’t hurt your budget.


‘Beach Party’ is episode 18 of the first Steven Universe season. In it the Gems and the Pizza family get together with Steven trying to diffuse some tensions between Kofi and the Gems. Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst sports some really cool beach outfits in the episode.

Swimsuit, €7,75 / Sandals, €5,09 / Sunglasses, €11 / Sarong, €32
 Replacating these looks is really easy and budget friendly. While I couldn’t get a top to match Garnet’s exactly I went with this really vibrant one-piece swimsuit. Her trademark visor/shades are captured perfectly with these purple tinted sunglasses. I found the perfect sarong to match Garnet’s.
While the Gems don’t wear shoes or sandals for their looks, these floral printed sandals and a nice change of colour to the outfit without clashing.
Total cost: €55.84


Tank Top, €3,33 / Denim Shorts, €19 / Bag, €4,38 / Flip Flops, €3,57
I love Amethyst’s super casual beach look. If anyone knows what comfort is, it’s her! This is actually something I would wear myself, in fact I’ll be hopefully pulling it together for a late holiday this year. A tanktop coupled with jean shorts, screams relaxation. The bumbag is a little off colour but I wanted something a little muted because the purple flip flops are already vibrant enough.
There you have it! Now grab a towel and a drink and I’ll meet you poolside!