Home Event Over €6 Million Raised For Toy Show Appeal, As The Late Late Toy Show Was A Big Hit With People
Over €6 Million Raised For Toy Show Appeal, As The Late Late Toy Show Was A Big Hit With People

Over €6 Million Raised For Toy Show Appeal, As The Late Late Toy Show Was A Big Hit With People


A national institution for over 45 years, The Late Late Toy Show has become a family tradition for most. Despite many claiming they don’t tune in, the Toy Show always lands on the top of the ratings, annually being the most watched programmes of the year. Thanks to social media and streaming technology, The Late Late Toy Show can be enjoyed across the world, trending not only in Ireland but globally this year. So how did this year’s show go? Well here are the highlights.

The Prep

Whether you were a kid or an adult, there were many excited people in the build-up for the Toy Show. Christmas trees were up early, the families gathered, the pajamas were worn and treats were bought, as people waited for the start of the show to begin. Artist TwistedDoodles sums up the life cycle of the show. 

In some some cases, it was the adults who were more excited, #ToyShowForever

The Real Stars Of The Show

It may be called the Toy Show, but it’s normally the participating kids that are the real stars to the show. This year was no different, as there were some fantastic live performances, energetic showcases and heartwarming stories from the children. They were the real emphasis of the show. The passion for their favorite subject, their dreams for the future and their bravery in the face of adversary, was clear to be seen. Here are just a few of the highlights.

The powerful story from Saoire Ruane, as she got to fulfill her three dreams on The Late Late Toy Show. This comes after her life changing diagnoses.

To space loving Adam, a shiny star on the show, who gave everyone a virtual hug! He got the notice of some very special people afterwards.

Professional throughout, as young musician Michael Moloney didn’t even miss a beat, when joined by Dermot Kennedy.

Toy Show Appeal

Inspired by the brave children across Ireland, RTÉ set up the Toy Show Appeal with The Community Foundation. Thanks to the goodwill and generosity of the public, over €5 million was raised during the show alone. It was announced via The Community Foundation, that the figure stands at over €6 million. You can still donate to the Toy Show Appeal online for another two weeks. Fifty per cent of the monies raised will be shared among three charity partners and the remaining fifty per cent will be distributed as grants to other children’s charities.

Oh F. . .anta

Everyone slips up now and then on live TV. Even Ryan himself knew it. But many found a laugh out of the spilled Fanta moment. Need we say more?

The Response

Well, needless to say, the show was a hit across the globe. It trended on top in Ireland on Twitter. An outpouring of good will, kind messages and support for everyone involved, came from people who tuned in. It connected many and put a smile (and a tear) on faces throughout the programme. You’d want to be made of stone, not to have enjoyed some aspect of the show. If you have nothing to do today, check out the reaction online

You can rewatch the show via the RTÉ Player or repeated on RTÉ One at 3.25pm 28th November. The Toy Show Appeal is open online for two more weeks too, if you want to donate to it still.