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Style Saturday – Summer Mutants Havin’ A Blast

Style Saturday – Summer Mutants Havin’ A Blast


When it comes to the summer time I’m usually cooped up in the darkest part of my office or my games room with the blinds shut and a fan on! I’m not one for all that heat and sunlight! That said I do like to venture out now and again but I find myself stuck for something comfortable to wear with the weather – my wardrobe is almost exclusively cardigans, jumpers, sweatshirts and hoodies.

Today I’m bring you two looks based on X-Men mutants, Jean Grey and Cyclops (aptly named Scott Summers). My favourite thing about these looks is how interchangeable they are and neither look is exclusively male or female and can be mixed up and swapped should you prefer one over the other.

Jean Grey – Rise Like A Phoenix

Jean Grey Summer

Jean is one of my favourite mutants and I’ve always loved her costumes. That said I didn’t want to go too heavy on colours here. A nice blue shirt and some soft yellow or even mustard coloured shorts are the hold for this outfit mimicking the costume above.

I didn’t want go with shoes, not for something so casual so these flip flops work perfectly. Accessories can be matched but I liked the chunkiness of these bracelets matched with the ring.

For an added bonus I found these amazing green swimming trunks, light enough to be worn under your shorts. Should the opportunity to go for a dip present itself you never want to be caught out. They’re also my nod to the powerful force burning under the surface of Jean’s mind, the Phoenix.

Shirt €14 ROSEGAL.COM Shorts €40 LANDSEND.COM Flipflops €22 ZAPPOS.COM Ring €4,68 NEWCHIC.COM Bracelets €18 KARMALOOP.COM Swimming Trunks €30 6PM.COM

Total – €128.68

Cyclops – Rose Tint My World

Cyclops Summer

I’ve a love hate relationship with Scott Summers aka Cyclops. In that I love to hate him. I’m not the biggest fan of the X-Men’s leader but I do appreciate it can’t exactly be the easiest job in the world.

For Cyclops I pulled together some deep blue shorts and matched it with a white t-shirt and a lighter blue zip-up hoodie. It is afterall an Irish summer we’re talking about here and one never leaves the house without layers. To split the colours and to mimic the classic outfit I chose this small and light long-strap shoulder bag, perfect for storing your sunglasses should you actually spot some sun this summer.

When going casual Scott wears a pair of rose tinted aviators so these glasses work perfectly without breaking the bank. Again I went for flip flops for footwear but the outfit is simple enough that the right pair of shoes can dress it up.

As I said  at the beginning my favourite thing about these looks is that they’re pretty gender neutral so feel free to put your stamp on the one you think works best for you!

Hoodie €3,01 AMAZON.CO.UK T-shirt €20 LUSHTSHIRTS.CO.UK Shorts €13 MAYKOOL.COM Flip flops €15 VANS.COM Bag €9,84 NEWCHIC.COM Glasses €8,99 SHOPZEROUV.COM