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JordeeKai Recreates Jared Leto Joker Look

Would you live for me? Hmm? Cosplayer, all round geek machine and makeup artist JordeeKai tackles the infamous Jared Leto Joker look. In her latest video, the make up artist shows us how to take the iconic (loved/hated) look from the Suicide Squad movie. Check out the video below and see her amazing work for yourself! While […]

A Hobbit’s Guide To Life

You know, Lord of the Rings is one of those iconic franchises from our childhood that probably helped shape most of us into who we are today. Who didn’t want to be a badass elf with epic archery skills or a tough-talking dwarf who was always up for some good times? However, I think it’s the […]

Buncrana Banter – Geeks On Tour

This week’s installment of Geeks On Tour brings us all the way to the windy northern coast of Ireland, to the town of Buncrana. As a small town in Donegal’s Inishowen peninsula, it’s about a million miles from what you’d consider a Geek Mecca. Nevertheless, explore it we shall! While it may not be where I […]

Christmas Gift Guide For Geeks

Christmas Day will soon be upon us once again, and you might be panicking because you haven’t yet pulled the trigger and bought gifts, but we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of awesome gifts that could be just what that special geek in your life has their heart set on! Motherboard Chopping […]