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Music Monday: Really, Queen?

No, no, this isn’t going to be a playlist of RuPaul oriented music, I’m sorry. The infamous Bianca Del Rio may have given us the phrase, but the Queens I’m referring to are none other than the butt-kicking Rat Queens! If you’re a comics fan and you’re not reading this series, you need to sort […]

Style Saturday: Galactic Gal (and boy)

Marvel are still dominating both the comics and movie market right now with Age of Ultron being released in only two months! How exciting is that? But this Style Saturday will honour the highest grossing superhero movie of last year, Guardians of the Galaxy! Hundreds of thousands of us fell deeply in love with that […]

Arcade Gift Guide – Gifts for Gamers

I live and breath games. My sister Zoe and I aren’t even allowed talk to each other at the dinner table because it’s all about the games currently in our Steam libraries or the shiny Pokémon we’ve caught, and to my mum, it’s a foreign language. Buying for gamers can be tough because there’s always […]

The Ups and Downs of Being a Magical Girl

Whether you make a contract, find an old dusty book with some cards in it or maybe you’re just born into it, being a Magical Girl can be hard work. It can also be very rewarding, but hard work. I’ve been fighting my fair share of magical enemies for about a year now, so here’s […]

Yogscast Charity Livestreams 2014

It’s the first of December, and for Yognau(gh)ts that means one thing: Christmas livestreams! You can find  the Twitch page here! [follow to be notified when live] Each year, members of the Yogscast stream every night for the month of December to raise money for some very deserving charities. This year, their chosen charities are: […]

Living In: Animal Crossing

Ah, welcome! New to the town? No problem at all, let me help you get settled in. I’ve written a small guide on what you can expect from this lovely town and a few tips on how to get by. Your home: Have you got somewhere to live? No? Not a problem. This is Mr. […]

Style Saturday: Hogwarts Reunion

So you’ve graduated from Hogwarts, maybe got yourself a nice ministry job, or maybe you’re just a cashier in Diagon Alley. No matter what your profession in the wizarding world, you’ll want to look stunning at the school reunion, right? Gloat at those Gryffindors and show up that Slytherin, and do it in style! I’ve […]

Friday Five at Five – News You Might Have Missed

Bringing you the stories you might not have seen this week, we at the Arcade scour the Cortex to find them for you! 5. Zoolander 2 Script Read Happening Whether you loved is or hated it, Zoolander was one of those movies that exploded. The idea of a sequel had been tossed around not too […]

6 Statements Comic Shop Clerks Are Sick Of Hearing

Thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory, people’s perception of comic shops tends to be more than skewed. The big NO GIRLS stigma, the sweaty nerds and the fights over old comic books are generally how these stores are portrayed, and unfortunately for someone who has never visited a shop like this, this is […]

Fashion Profile: Dublin Comic Con

We took to the floor of Dublin Comic Con to see what amazing style attendees were sporting! In a sea of cosplayers, we approached the best dressed of the Dublin convention! First up, we have Alison from Cork. Alison is 22 and her Legend of Zelda dress caught our attention from a mile away! Alison’s […]